A German-Spanish Dictionary

I sometimes wonder how much the “size of Belgium” is used in non-English languages.  Here’s a page from a German-Spanish dictionary, about the German phrase “so gross wie” (which means “the size of”).

There is a list of example of the phrase in normal usage, and the very first example is …

“Das ist eine Fläche so groß wie Belgien und die Niederlande zusammengenommen.”

Or in English .. “That is an area the size of Belgium and the Netherlands combined.”.

German-Spanish Dictionary



Penguin conservation area in Argentina

Source: Diario Jornada

With great support of national bodies and NGOs, the Ministry of Tourism and Protected Areas of Chubut with Global Penguin Society (GPS) and CENPAT-CONICET, presented the new accolade given province.

For its part, the biologist Pablo Garcia Borboroglu revealed that “this work came when he approached the governor Buzzi the idea of creating a marine reserve in Punta Tombo. Buzzi encouraged us to go further, to us to work for the label Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. ”  García Borboroglu charted that “this protected area, of 3,1 million hectares, has the size of the province of Missions, or of Belgium“.