Even with all this evidence, some people just can’t get it right…

Hwange National Park

“To the south of the town lies Hwange National Park covering an area of 14,600 sq km – almost the size of Belgium.”

By now you should know that Belgium is more than twice that size. But this web site also makes the same mistake…

“Away from the Zambesi, the most visited park is Hwange, which is approximately the size of Belgium.”

Here’s another 50% error…


“Beijing, including the urban and the suburban areas and the nine counties under its administration, is located in the northeastern corner of China, roughly the same latitude as New York City. Beijing municipality has a total area of 16,800 sq km (6552 sq mi). roughly the size of Belgium.”

… but this site gets it right…

“Its urban core, inner and outer suburban districts combined with outlying counties under its jurisdiction make the Chinese capital slightly more than half the size of Belgium.”

A 75% Error From the BBC

“British troops have been sent to Gabon to tackle an increase in ivory poaching. The elephants inhabit the Minkebe National Park, which has a forest the size of Belgium.”

However, the park covers only 7,570 km² which is 25% the size of Belgium, so it cannot hold a forest of 30,000 km². The BBC journalist failed to check the facts.

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