Similar Sites

There are other web sites that explore the practice of measuring areas using Belgiums (Belgia?) and other country-sized units. Here are a few more…

””Congratulations to Albania, the latest region to qualify for the Amazon Deforestation Comparison World Cup: the size of Belgium, the size of two Belgiums, half the size of Belgium (�Belgium� is a global standard for Amazon measurement, apparently),””

Wales is also a surprisingly popular unit of measurement. Sadly Simon Kelk’s “size of Wales” website is no more, but here is a link an archived version of it.

Here is an article in Scientific American:
“Scientific American: About the Size of It – A contemplation on the states of our perception”

Wikipedia has an entry for Belgium in its page of “Strange Units of Measurement:

Also on the BBC’s h2g2 web site:

This one is dedicated to the Rhode Island unit of measurement:

This site allows you to drag a nation on the globe and drag it to a different location so that you can compare the size of two countries.

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