Belgium plays a key role, making perhaps its biggest contribution measuring the loss of rain forest, especially in the Amazon basin.

“Illegal logging and forest crimes play a significant part in the ongoing extensive destruction of tropical forest (an area five times the size of Belgium is lost every year),”

Roraima, Brazil

“As a first step, Cardoso has created four protected areas totaling almost 4 million acres. Most of the land is in two national parks in Roraima, a northern Amazon state in which an area the size of Belgium was devastated by wildfires earlier this year.”


“Indonesia’s 1997 fires covered an area twice the size of Belgium.”

Verde Para Sempre Reserve, Brazil

“For three years, these forest communities have sought to create the Verde Para Sempre (Forever Green) extractive reserve. With an area of 1.3 million hectares,almost half the area of Belgium, the reserve would stop forest destruction and promote the forests’ sustainable use.”


“Our forests are getting worse and worse. Globally, the net loss in forests incurred during the 90s is estimated at 9.4 million ha. This corresponds to about 3 times the surface area of Belgium.”

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