President Biden Compares Belgium with Maryland

Is it possible Joe Biden used my previous post on this site to prepare for his address this week at the 2023 Major Economies Forum on Energy and Climate?

“Today we have to do more than recognize the climate challenges we face. It seems to me we have to recommit ourselves to action while still — while we still have the time.”

Forests are key to our future. In the United States alone, our forests absorb more than 10 percent of our annual greenhouse gas emissions. And as we all know, if we lose this natural resource, we can’t easily get it back.

In my own country, I’ve flown over more land that has been burned to the ground because of forest fires of late than the entire size of the state of Maryland, which is about the size of Belgium.

That’s why, almost exactly one year ago, I signed an executive order to help prevent wildfires, preserve our forests, and protect our local economies that so often they support.”

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