A more tangible unit of measurement is the Brussels sprout…

“The same goes for the hundreds of hurricane babies in Baton Rouge and its suburbs. Their fists are the size of brussels sprouts, but they are born fighters, and their survival inspires a Louisiana city overwhelmed by accounts of death from the south”

“Within seconds Ed says we have orbage. Rene takes the camera. “Omigod, omigod, it’s crawling with orbs!” she exclaims, then quizzes Ed on what he saw while I take a gander. I press my eye to the viewfinder. Within seconds, a few slow blips about the size of brussels sprouts float by haphazardly.”

“My daughter has three mini hamsters which are about the size of brussels sprouts!

“Last Tuesday, we had a hailstorm. Lots of heavy rain, lightning, thunder, and then hailstones the size of brussels sprouts.”

“A guy who when asked how he played piano so brilliantly while sporting rings with gems the size of Brussels sprouts, replied: ‘Very well, thank you.'”

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